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Milk Powders:

Sweetened Milk Powder (High Fat):

Special Features:

Sweetened Milk Powders (High Fat)
consist of brands, namely Classic, Everytime and Ener-G.

These are creamy milk powders which are specially made to add a rich, smooth taste to your tea, thereby finding a high range of acceptability for the elite class to the ‘chai-walla��� down the street. Packed under an atmosphere of Nitrogen, they have an excellent natural miscibility (without the use of lecithin), and have a fine granular texture. A convenient alternative to condensed milk, these products remains an all time favorite.

Product Specifications:

1. Mahaan Classic Dairy Whitener

Milk Fat 20.0%
Carbohydrate 52.7
Proteins 20.5
Minerals 6.0

SKU’s available: 10Kg Jar,5 Kg Jar, 1Kg Laminate, 500 gm Laminate, 25gm Laminate.

2. Mahaan Skimmed Milk Powder

Milk Fat 19.0%
Carbohydrate 52.7
Proteins 20.5
Minerals 6.0 Max

SKU’s Available: 10 Kg, 5 Kg, 1Kg, 1/2Kg, 25gm Bag.

3. Mahaan Everytime

Milk Fat 8.0% Min
Carbohydrate 64.0
Proteins 22.0 Min
Minerals 6.0 Max

SKU’s Available: 20 Kg,10Kg, 5Kg, 1Kg, ½ Kg, 190gm, 25 gm.

4. Mahaan Ener-G

Milk Fat 9.0% Min
Carbohydrate 64.0
Proteins 19.0
Minerals 5.0 Max

SKU’s Available: 10 Kg.

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