Milk Powders:

Skimmed Milk Powder:

Special Features:

The product is readily soluble in lukewarm water. It is especially useful for diet preparations or for use by health conscious people on low calorie and high protein diet.

Its high hygroscopic properties make it highly suitable for conversion into traditional dairy products, use in confectionaries, bakeries and reconstituted milks.

Meets BIS specification no. IS:13334 (Part 1):1992.

Product Specifications:


Moisture 4.0% Max
Fat 1.5% Max
Minerals 8.2% Max
Proteins 34% Max
Carbohydrates 52.0 Approx

SKU’s Available: 25 Kg K.P. Bags, 1Kg.

Whole Milk Powder:

Special Features: The Whole Milk Powder has more milk fat as compared to other milk powders. It is the closest one can come to natural milk, thereby making it very high in nutrient content. This product has a creamy white color and the distinct rich aroma of the powder makes it stand out from other general milk powders.

Product Specifications:


Moisture 4.0% Max
Milk Fat 26.0 Min
Proteins 25.0 Min
Minerals 6.20 Max

SKU’s Available:10 Kg Tin Pack and customer specific.

Meets BIS specification No. IS: 1165-1992 for quality aspects.

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